I say vicar……..

May 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

Although my mother died eight years ago I am still finding envelopes and packets containing items I have never seen before. One such item that came to light recently was the little ditty reproduced below, imagine my shock…..my mother and double entendre …… innuendo ……. shock ….. horror …. my mother and sex! Well I never!

Just in case anyone has difficulty reading it I have transcribed it:-

Not sure of the date of this gem but the handwriting looks rather juvenile.

Not sure of the date of this gem but the handwriting looks rather juvenile so it is probably 1930s.

The Tramp
A tramp was leaning against a house,
Close by a window frame,
Inside he heard voices,
Just then a woman exclaimed;
You simply can’t do it that way,
Hurry, don’t you see I can’t wait,
You always let it wobble so,
You just can’t keep it straight,
Now let us try it this way,
But be careful of my dress,
If you let it slip out you know
You’ll make an awful mess
If you can’t do it this way
We can’t do it at all
I think yours must be to big
Or mine must be to small
Just have a little patience dear
And you will surely win
See now that you’ve got it straight
For God’s sake shove it in
By this time the tramp got excited
And for the window he dove [sic]
And saw a man and woman
Fitting a stovepipe to a stove!

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