Another Walsall!

September 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

Something slightly different for my latest post but I thought, and hope, you will be sufficiently interested to continue reading.

A couple of years ago one of my Walsall Lives calendars found its way to Tasmania, Australia. The recipient was ex-Walsallian, Ken Pomlett who lived with his parents in a house on the corner of Bath Road and Little London before he emigrated to Australia in the 1960s. Ken contacted me to say how much he had enjoyed the calendar which brought back many memories for him of the town he left almost fifty-years ago. Many emails were exchanged between us and in one Ken asked me if I knew of the Walsall in Australia. My first reaction was that he was pulling my leg but to my amazement he wasn’t……there is another Walsall on this planet of ours…..and I don’t mean Worsall in North Yorkshire.

The “other” Walsall is situated in Western Australia approximately one-hundred and fifty miles south of Perth, the nearest town is Bussleton which is on the coast, about twenty miles from Walsall WA. There is no Milton Street, no Littleton Street, not even a Bridge or Park Street, just Jalbarragup Road, Walsall Road and Prater Road…..and that’s it, it really is just a name on a map…..but the weathers good! As for the scenery, well, just miles and miles of nothing.

Standing on Jalbarragup Road looking down Walsall Road. (Google Street map)

Standing on Jalbarragup Road looking down Walsall Road. (Google Earth)

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