Thomas Gameson & Sons – 200 years in business and tinning all the time!

January 24, 2018 § Leave a comment

For Thomas Gameson & Son the year 2018 is quite a landmark in the company’s history as this will be their bi-centenary…….quite an achievement today.

As a lad growing up in Walsall in the 1950s one place that was always full of intrigue for us kids was the Gameson site in Dudley Street and the surrounding areas. Even on Saturday afternoons or Sunday mornings when the site was quiet there was always a plume of pungent smoke or steam being emitted from one of the many chimneys…….and then there was the permanent smell!

1782 map

This map from 1792 shows the ‘Meeting House’, home of Thomas and John Gameson and where they started their business from in 1818. Some 29 years earlier in 1763 the site was the first independent Meeting House of the Congregational Church in Staffordshire, a 200 year anniversary was held at Gameson’s factory in 1963 to celebrate the occasion.

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